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I am a mom who has experienced Postpartum Depression/Postpartum Mood Disorder (PMD). I am now a Postpartum Depression Awareness & Support Activist.

I entitled my blog "It Takes A Village" in reference to the African proverb that is so commonly known. I feel very strongly that we as a society have set very high standards and expectations of new mothers to take care of their children on their own, without support or help after the first week or so.

I think we have it backwards: New Mom's need respite and support whether they are well or not. We need support and encouragement, and someone to relieve us so that we can get some sleep and time to rejuvienate.

My aim with this blog is to bring awareness to the world, and support to other Moms (and possibly Dads) that are going through this experience. I am passionate about reducing stigma as it creates the barrier that keeps women silent and suffering. I want Moms to feel safe enough to share their story and get the support and help they need to get better.

I encourage you, if you believe you may be experiencing more than the "baby blues" to seek out help. You will not be judged or criticized. The goal of all list here on this blog are to support you and help you heal so that you may live the life you dreamed of with your child.

This blog is a work in progress, please check in often to see more updates and new information!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

blah blah blah

Three different people this week suggested I have another child. Ha, ha, very funny! The only word I want to hear relating to pregnancy is "surrogate". I definitely do not want to go down that road again. Pregnancy, Birth, and Hell. Yikes! No Thank-You!  Kudos to all the brave women who do it all over again after experiencing PPMD. I am just not one of them.

Even if I had a surrogate, I'm not sure I would want another baby to care for. I am still struggling with finding balance in my life....and losing the baby weight. I lost it and then I gained more. Depression will do that to you-or was it the brownies that did it to me? Hmmmm....

Unfortunately, I do feel guilty that my son is alone. He does have two male cousins; one who is 1.5 years older, and one 10 months younger. Does that make up for a sibling? Will he really know what he is missing? Will he be lonely?  UGH, the guilt!

Having our son was not an easy endeavour. It took us eight years to have him, and he is enough for me. I hope he will understand this when he is older.

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little miss √Čva said...

Hi, I can totally relate! I want my daughter to have a sibling but I don't want to go through the post partum anxiety I had again!! let alone the labour...

Loving your blog,
P.S. Check out mine. I got through post partum anxiety/depression through meditation.